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Designing and Constructing, Distinctive Tiny Homes

Within Your Budget 

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Free Design Consultation 



TH Life provides complimentary consultations on design creation whether in person or by video.  You can send us your dream design, even if it's on scratch paper or a wrinkled napkin.

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TH Life LLC homes are built on a custom-designed trailer and framed with an engineered lightweight steel system.  We use high quality material that ensures our homes meets the highest standards. Quality control and attention to details are our main priority.


Our homes are not only beautiful and built to last but they are also built to retain their  value.


Added Value

We feature;

  • Metal Roofs

  • Foam Insulation

  • Krauss Kitchen Sink
  • Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher
  • Whole home surge protection
  • Smart home technology
  • Full Size Kitchen

  • Washer Dryer Connection

  • Duel Installation for either Composite or Standard Toilets 

  • Exclusive Handcrafted Home Features

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       Ron Rossi


TH Life's is a Tiny Home construction company that designs custom, distinctive Tiny Homes on a wheeled trailer base with utmost quality and beauty that will reflect the amazing lives of those who call it home. 

TH Life was started by Ron Rossi whose vision is to provide the Tiny Home community with uniquely designed tiny homes that is engineered and constructed out of light weight steel. I build homes that are spacious and provides features not commonly  seen in other homes like toe kick drawers, and an EVR  system that  manages humidity and circulates indoor and outdoor air. 

Our master craftsmen have over 45 years of broad experience in construction transfer their talent and skills to Tiny Homes.

The end result is a beautiful, quality built, distinctive Tiny Home.



For Sale

TH LIfe's Luxury Special Edition

TH Life's Luxury Special Edition 



II had to use one word to describe this tiny home, it would be ‘WOW!’ From the moment I walked in, I didn’t want to leave. What amazed me most was how spacious it felt on the inside. It was hard to believe the tiny home I saw from the outside could feel so open and spacious on the inside. For me, the most important part of any home is the kitchen. I was in love with the handmade cabinets and creativity used to make every bit of space in the kitchen available for storage. The kitchen provides more space/storage than many full sized homes! And, all the windows helped to make the home feel more open and bright.

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What impressed me most about the tiny home was all the features. The use of modern technology in the home allows you to turn on lights by voice. Out front, there are strip lights that can be set to any color and controlled by a phone. Inside, there are devices that can be set to remove the humidity from the air or bring in air from outside on a nice day. The outside also has a dog wash hookup and outdoor shower hookup. I really feel like this tiny home offers everything I could want in a home and even the things I never knew I needed!

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Schedule a free consultation today.  210-854-7045